For the first time

A few years ago on BBC Radio 2 there was The Chris Evans Breakfast Show. One of his slots was ‘Kids get a fanfare.’ He invited young children to call in and tell him what they were going to do for the first time that day, e.g. Go to Alton Towers, and call back the next day to tell him how it went. Their excitement was palpable and the next day the adventure nearly always got ’11 out of 10.’

Had he had a slot ‘Grandparents get a fanfare’ there are probably not many things that (even a very young) septuagenarian does for the first time. For instance, I couldn’t say ‘Today I’m going to get a hole in one.’ It may well happen for the first time, but it could not be predicted. Being rather unfit I wouldn’t be climbing Table Mountain for the first time or going skateboarding or exploring the Waitomo Glowworm caves in New Zealand.

With this first-time adventure into publishing I may be as excited as the kids who called in to Chris Evans. I was asked how long it took me to write. There have been four iterations over the past 18 months, but, as my son, David, said, ‘Dad, you’ve been writing this book for the past sixty years.’

I’ve always believed in my theories and philosophies, mainly because I practice them. I am aware that they are personal and not necessarily the ‘truth.’ I acknowledge that people have different viewpoints and I’m therefore not defensive. I’m always open to an intelligent debate and willing to change my views if convinced.

In this book I have revealed a great deal about myself, which I hope is not too much information. In baring my soul my intention is to show my grandchildren and all the readers that even apparently successful people are vulnerable. But with resilience and grit you can overcome most obstacles in time. When broken down, there are very few really big things in life.

A big thing in life is what you think is a big thing in life. When big (and small) things happen you have to make a plan and develop strategies for coping in the most effective way. My book is about action – there is only one question – What are you going to do now?

Together with the excitement there is also trepidation as I venture into the unknown. Something like making my test match debut as an opening batsman in front of 50,000 exacting fans.

Thank you for reading my blog. Every week I will be writing around 500 words on a topical subject suggested by the readers. I’d love to hear from you – what you ‘disagreed’ with in the book, what was helpful and what more you’d like to see in the next edition! If you would like to suggest a topic please send it on the Contact page.

If you do read my book and like it I would very much appreciate you writing a review and telling your friends.

9 April 2021

PS I hope that I can give the experience ’11 out of 10.’