What People Say about
It’s Not A Big Thing In Life

‘There are so many aha moments in this invaluable guide: what you thought you knew and didn’t; what you tried to tell your kids and couldn’t; what priorities you believed you’d sorted, and hadn’t. Invaluable for young (the “target audience”) and old (unexpected beneficiaries). “It’s Not a Big Thing in Life” presents life lessons learned with humour, honesty and the courage of the personal.’

– Reina Teeger

‘Ever since I can remember, my grandpa has been a constant source of insight, wisdom, and advice. When I was a very small child in London, he and I would sit in these big chairs and “contemplate the universe.” He taught me at a very young age some of the most important things I know today. Amongst many other things, I learned about the value of family and loved ones, to listen and keep an open mind to other’s thoughts, to strive for happiness and to differentiate between the really big things from those that aren’t big things in life. I will always hold these values close, thank you Grandpa.’

– Sarah Witkin, eldest grandchild

‘The title suggests that these memoirs are for his grandchildren, but they are valuable musings for any and every one. As you go through the pages, you’ll find a lot of humour, as life is supposed to have its frivolity and fun. I can only hope folks will enjoy the pages, as I have, and we learn to appreciate a thing or two about life from an all-rounder who has experienced his fair share of thorns and roses.’

– Michael Holding

‘This book is one that I believe all beings, young or old, parent or child and grandparent or grandchild, should take the time to read. The stories are expressed in a manner that is both authentic and raw. Real experiences shared by a real person whose wisdom truly resonates. There is a nugget on every page. Reading “It’s Not a Big Thing in Life” has allowed me to be kinder to myself and to the world around me. I now feel empowered to take on matters of the heart and the mind with a fresh perspective and powerful perceptions.’

– Talya Matuson

‘The book is an engaging journey that has related to me in more ways than I care to mention, I sense we had an extremely similar childhood/adolescent journey. The book has made me smile, laugh, wince and despair, often taking me back to my journey transitioning from a boy to man. I love that there are stories from your own personal experiences that at times are extremely revealing. This helps me as the reader to relate as someone who has experienced so many of them for myself and it brings a sense of comfortability and warmth to me.’

– Ian Clark

‘Thank you for entertaining me over the past few days with your book for your grandchildren, and other people’s. It is beautifully written and interesting – a concise distillation of your life’s learning. Adjectives that come to mind are witty, wise, considerate, caring, kind, modest, and strong. You practice what you preach, in the kindest, most self-deprecating manner. I would love for my children, grandchildren and especially my husband to read it.

– Estelle Doctor

I would very much recommend this book to my children and grandchildren. They would benefit enormously. Even at this advanced age I learned a lot of valuable life lessons.’

– Bess Teeger

What I found so appealing about the book is that it was your gift to your GROWNUP grandchildren who TIME will prevent from ever ‘contemplating the universe’ with you.

Shared by a concerned, loving, witty grandpa, these carefully considered life skills, emerging from the struggles and triumphs of your own universe, will speak wisely, gently and humorously as your grandkids read your storied revelations.

Already some grownups, who aren’t your grandchildren, have thanked you for some significant life decisions. It’s Not a Big Thing in Life is absorbing and fun to read. It’s not your regular ‘how to’ book.

– Lynnette Baskind